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Since covid, have you had issues with visitors that are confrontational?

Resources for museum customer service training and museum visitor experience training are available from Mark Walhimer and Museum Planning, LLC.

I have a new book, Designing Museum Experiences, written as a training guide for museum customer service training.

Chapter 2: Shifting to the Visitor’s Perspective
Chapter 6: Customer Experience Methodologies
Chapter 7: Applying Customer Experience Methodologies
Chapter 8: The Museum Visitor’s Journey
Chapter 10: Placemaking: Museums and the Community
Chapter 12: Museums as a Hospitality Businesses
Museum Toolbox with Resources and Guides

What I found in my research was a general lack of understanding of the role of museums as public-facing institutions, the museum belongs to the public literally and figuratively, and that changes the role of staff.

I also created an inexpensive interactive course, Introduction to Museums ($14.95), including the above basics. My research found that there is often a lack of a shared understanding of museums’ role within civil society.

If interested, I could offer a group discount on the course.

All the best,
– Mark

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Mark Walhimer is a managing partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum planning and exhibition design studio, and the author of two books, Museums 101 (2015) and Designing Museum Experiences (2021). He oversees Museum Courses and is the founder of the Museum Planner resources website.


Mark Walhimer is a managing partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum consultancy, and a part-time industrial design professor.

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