Museum Experience Consultant

Designing Museum Experiences by Mark Walhimer.  Design process and tools
Designing Museum Experiences process and tools

Are you thinking about hiring a museum experience consultant to create a new exhibition for your interactive museum ?

Visitors are looking for more than exhibits; they want museum experiences. A museum experience is an immersive omnichannel approach to museum visitor engagement. By thoroughly understanding visitors and communities’ requirements, you create emotional and intellectual connections between your museum and visitors. Since 1999 Museum Planning, LLC has been serving as a museum experience consultant.

1. Museum Audience Research

The process starts with museum visitor research; who are you, visitors? What visitors are you not serving? How do you engage with currently unreached visitors? By understanding your visitors on both an emotional and intellectual level, our process strengthens the connections with current audiences and reaches new audiences.

2. Museum Strategic Planning

Starting with knowledge of your visitors (those being reached and new audiences), we now create strategies and tactics to reach, engage, and drive repeat visitor engagement.

3. Museum Experience Design – Exhibition Design, Digital and In-Person

Creating a museum experience is about more than creating an exhibition. A museum experience creates emotional and intellectual connections between visitors and communities at every touchpoint, including exhibitions, programming (online and in-person), social media, and community outreach.

4. Museum Visitor and Community Programming – Digital and In-Person Outreach

Museums are about people, the people of your local community, your digital community, and your museum staff and volunteers. By understanding all stakeholders’ requirements, your museum can build lifelong bonds between visitors, communities, and staff.

5. Museum Exhibition Evaluation

As your museum experience consultant, we work with your institution through every step of the process, from understanding visitors’ interests to post-opening and making recommendations for updates and changes.

  • Front end evaluation
  • Formative evaluation
  • Remedial evaluation
  • Summative Evaluation

6. Repeat Museum Visitation

As important to getting visitors and communities engaged with your museum is creating visitor and community engagement on an ongoing basis. The Museum Planning, LLC research-proven approach drives repeat museum visitation.

Send me an email, and I can send you a free PDF describing the overall process of museum experience creation and increasing your institution’s financial stability. – Mark

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