Museum Community Engagement Resources

Quote: “remaking museums as agents of change, embracing diversity, deepening community engagement, and focusing on social justice”

– Kathleen McLean

Museum 360 10 Step Process

  1. Clearly stated Change the project will create and roles
  2. Context, Demographics, and Stakeholders
  3. Mapping, most importantly Empathy Mapping
  4. Audience Segmentation
  5. Strategy Including Stakeholder Analysis
  6. Tactics
  7. KPIs and Metrics
  8. Testing, Evaluation, Iteration
  9. Marketing
  10. Launch

Microsoft Education Transformation Assessment Tool for LAM (Libraries and Museums)


Social Identity Map: A Reflexivity Tool for Practicing Explicit Positionality in Critical Qualitative Research

Harwood Method of Community Engagement

Communities have challenges. Libraries can help.

Strategic Planning and Turning Outward

Digital Readiness and Innovation in Museums, Knight Foundation

Theory of Change

Ten Step, How to Build a Theory of Change

Outcome Mapping

Outcome mapping: A method for tracking behavioral changes in development programs

The Center for Theory of Change

Engaging your Community: A Toolkit for Museums

Community Issue Exhibition Toolkit PDF

Case Study: Reading Museum, Real Practice, Real Impact – Engaging with Vulnerable Communities

Nielsen Norman Group – Templates

Empathy Mapping: The First Step in Design Thinking